Dec. 8-12

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Monday, we continued with the Transcendentalists, finished Emerson, and started reading about Thoreau.
Tues- more Thoreau in class, Walden,  and we discussed it.  On Tues, we also reviewed sentence types, and we started the punctuation of ROS, FRAGS, and COMMA SPLICES.
Weds- quiz on Walden. We discussed the difference between TOPIC and THEME in writing. HW: Read "Civil Disobedience" on page 390 and write the thesis of the essay; furthermore, write out three complex sentences which support Thoreau's theme in writing the essay.
Thursday- review of your homework related to "Civil Disobedience" and more grammar review.Folders need to be updated today, too.
Edgar Allen Poe- intro either Thurs or Friday and continue on Friday...will post as we do it.
Friday, we talked about Gothic, what it means, etc. and we read Poe's poem, "The Raven" together discussing it in terms of mood that Poe establishes, his use of alliteration, rhyme, and onomatopoeia.  We will continue on Monday.  I also introduced a new writing assignment to help students develop better transitions.

See attached writing assignment due on Weds.
Helen Wynkoop,
Dec 12, 2014, 8:14 AM