December 1-5

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Monday- reviewed vocab and covered pps 318-333 with Q's 1-3 and 7 due tomorrow.  Expect a quiz.
See attached for Monday "Romanticism, Satire, and Irving" (Word doc below)

Tues- we reviewed satire, discussed "The Devil and Tom Walker" and took a quiz on it. 
Next big question: What can DEATH teach us about life?  Consider this and write a couple of lines aboaut it in your notes. We read about William Cullen Bryant, the father of American literature today.  Tonight, read "Thanatopsis." This is a poem (338-9) written when Bryant was about your age.  Answer questions on page 340, #1-3 and 6  in your notebooks for tomorrow.

Weds- Vocab in Context; Review "Thanatopsis" and wrap up Early Romantics. Begin the Fireside Poets. Intro Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (342). Big Question: What gives life PURPOSE?- Prepare to answer in lieu of a quiz. This is your entrance tix instead of a quiz for Thursday.
Terms for this lesson: rhyme scheme and stanzas. Read "A Psalm of Life" (344-5) and "The Tide Falls" (346).
Answer 1, 2 and 3 in notes.  We will discuss the two poems in class, but consider the overriding question and be prepared to answer it.

Thursday- Discussion of "What gives life purpose" and reviewed the poems from last night.  We also read about Oliver Wendell Holmes (349) and discussed meter as a poetic device (349). Make sure you read about the poetic devices because they are on the final exam.  Today's poetry centers around the thought: When is it time to move on? We read "The Chambered Nautilus" and "Old Ironsides" in class (350-352) discussing rhyme scheme, meter, tone, and allusions. No HW except to study for the vocab quiz on Friday.

Friday-Vocab quiz and James Russell Lowell (354)- "What can NATURE teach us?" "The First Snowfall" (362-3) and start the Transcendentalists...Ralph Waldo Emerson (368). "What is your Motto?" Read "Self-Reliance" and write a topic sentence with three strong supporting details from the essay for Monday (370-end).

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