Dec. 8-14 (Also see PDF for Fahrenheit 451)Papers due TUES Dec. 16th!

posted Dec 10, 2014, 6:26 AM by Helen Wynkoop   [ updated Dec 12, 2014, 8:01 AM ]
We reviewed the full draft of research including in-text citations along with the Works Cited page on Monday and Tuesday, with Ms. Wynkoop quickly perusing them and then two students evaluated another students work in a very meticulously led Peer Evaluation with documentation.
Weds- a day to work on get a jump on reading Fahrenheit 451. I also have laptops for those who need to work on their papers in class.  Remember, no excuses for formatting issues due to printing.  Next week, when you submit your papers, check the final print to make sure everything is in order for submission to me and to as well.  IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOUR PAPER BE SUBMITTED TO TURNITIN.COM BEFORE YOU LEAVE FOR WINTER BREAK! No paper submitted= NO grade.

Thursday, we discuss what we can in F-451 with more time allotted to finish Part 1 by Monday.  Be prepared for a quiz on Monday.

Friday and to be continued on Monday- discussion of Part 1 of Fahrenheit 451 and quiz.  Keep reading, but polish your draft for the big turn in day on Tues!
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