English 11 Weekly Update (5/1)

posted May 1, 2017, 12:17 PM by Helen Wynkoop   [ updated May 1, 2017, 12:22 PM ]
Hello everyone! I'm Ms. K., filling in for Mrs. Wynkoop while she's out on leave. I'll do by best to leave a weekly breakdown on here every Monday. If you need anything, my email is hkeusch@portageps.org. Thanks! 

English 11:
Monday: Reading Chapter I: "Clay" in class from the novel "Peace Like A River." You should have notes on the following questions: 
1.Chapter 1 is entitled “Clay”- What is the significance of the title of this chapter?
2.Characters introduced are Jeremiah and Helen Land. What kind of man is Jeremiah?
3.How does Reuben relate what he says about miracles and witnessing to himself and his own reason for being alive today?
4.Reuben ends the chapter by repeating what his father has told them: they need to arm themselves for a war. What kind of war do you think he’s talking about?

Have you taken both the Mockingbird test and the Vocab 10 test?? If not, let me know! You'll need to step out into the hall during class to take them. 

Tuesday: Reading Chapter 2: "His Separate Shadow" in class. You should have notes on:
1.How old are the three Land children?
2.What do we learn about Davy as a person in this chapter?
3.Why is there tension between Davy and their father?
4.What are Reuben’s father’s miracles so far?
5.New characters: Swede, Dolly, Israel Finch, Tommy Basca, August Schultz
6.What is a desperado?
7.Why is the goose hunting scene with the family so comical?
8.What are the relationships between the kids?
9.How does Davy’s advice to Reuben show that he is older and more mature?

Wednesday: Reading Chapter 3: "Beauteous Are My Cake Indeed" (I know, it's a ridiculous title) in class. You should have notes on:
1.New characters: Ted Pullet, Tim Lurvy
2.Why is Reuben's breathing described it in terms of bellows? What is wrong with his lungs? 
3.What does Jeremiah mean by escalation? How does the word escalation apply in this chapter?
4.Why does Dolly laugh as she watches Jeremiah respond?
5.What do you think that Jeremiah means when he responds to Rueben’s asking what they should do next this way: “What those fellows don’t realize is, we’ve already won. The victory is ours” (25)?
6.What is the “King James” referred to in the chapter?
7.The ballad within the chapter/novel begins…a Western flavor is added although it is in the early 1960s. What kind of poem is Swede writing?
8.What is somewhat funny about Reuben and Bethany’s kitchen escapade? What serious business is going on upstairs?
9.What foreshadowing do we see or feel in this chapter?

Thursday: Reading Ch 4 "Your Toughened Heart"  in class and talking a little about the Personal Narrative essay. You need to be here on Monday, if possible, to hear more about the essay. You should also take  notes on these:
1.How does Ted Pullet indicate his uselessness to the Lands?  
2.What malevolent information is revealed about Israel?  
3.How does the encounter with Finch affect Swede both physically and emotionally? Give evidence.  
4.Is Tim Lurvy a welcome guest?  
5.How is the reference/allusion to the good Samaritan an apt one for Jeremiah’s response to the salesman?
6.What is Lurvy telling Dad that he just purchased?
7.What is the final scene of chapter 4?  How is it relevant to the title?
8.The final scene kicks off the pace for the rest of the novel, and it is extremely important.  Consider Davy’s thought process.  Do you think he has fully considered what life changes his actions will bring about?

Friday is a half day, PM schedule.