November 14-18

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Monday- more comma rules and review of previous ones. We finished them today. We also tied up our reading of "The Crisis" by Thomas Paine, p. 248. (Makeups for students absent on Friday-reading quiz)
Tuesday- a change. It's reading day today due to our need for use of computers tomorrow for the 10% summary.
Wednesday- 10% Summary in class;for homework 
"The Demons of Salem" -750 words on page 218-9 or
"Timebends"- 400 words on page 221 or
review of "The Crucible"- 370 words on page 224.
Do a 10% summary of one of the above. Turn in your copy with rubric to me, and submit it to Google Classroom.
HW: READ Indep reads.
Projects and reports due on December 6 (negotiable, possibly)
Thursday-Comma rule review. Phillis Wheatley's poem and more....see page 258 for both Wheatley and Adams. We read "To His Excellency General Washington" (handout) and we read the two women's bios on page 258. Next, we started "Letter to Reverend Samuel Occum" and you are to read "Letter to John Adams" as well.
Write answers to questions 1-4 on page 265 in your notes, and answer #6 on a separate sheet of paper for an SAT prep grade. See attached notes and rubric ("Diction" file). I will collect in class on Friday.
On Monday, start Ben Franklin? Next Tues will be a reading day for sure. 

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