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Yes, your thesis and notes

posted Nov 14, 2017, 11:00 AM by Helen Wynkoop
were due today in class.  Many of 5th hours need to be edited, so make sure to see me if you didn't get your copy back yesterday. Also, work for perfection in MLA form because it can cost you dearly in points if you don't get the formatting correct now.  Make sure your works cited page is perfect. I have little patience for seeing the same mistake I pointed out to a student AGAIN, uncorrected. Be teachable. It will pay off next year.

Weds- the Fahrenheit 451/Equilibrium papers are due. No lates. Lab time today
Thurs- Start An Ordinary Man.
Friday- back in the lab. Next due date is November 21.  Your intro should be MOST of your first page...