October 31- November 4

posted Oct 31, 2016, 12:12 PM by Helen Wynkoop
I should have a corrected Annotated Bib (unless you got 18/20 or higher)by now.
MON- more presentations; turn in Beowulf. 
TUES- finish presentations.  Give out An Ordinary Man (AOM). Intro today or Thurs.
WEDS- prepare to spend the hour working on your research.
THURS- anything left of presentations...last call or a zero goes in. AOM in class today.
Friday- 7th hour only (clean up day; read; work on papers?)
NEXT DUE DATE: November 11 for clean citation page with "notes" in bulleted form= short facts, quotes, etc. noted as to WHO said them, pages if given, and listed under the citation from which you obtained the information.  You need 20 pieces of fact, info, quotes from at least 3 of your sources.