Sept 12-16 (see all notes attached)

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Monday- introduction of Beowulf. Powerpoint is attached.  Use for our quiz on Thurs as well as pages ix-xxiii in poem (book). 
Tues- more intro and start the poem in class.  Use Seamus Heaney's version on Youtube if reading is difficult.  (Warning: he does leave out some sections that I cover).  Understand the structure of Anglo-Saxon poetry (might do on Weds instead)
Watch:   ("Beowulf Background History Channel part 1"- on Youtube)
Weds- review of A/S poetry form and more Beowulf; we read through to page 27 top of page. Study for tomorrow's quiz.
Thurs- quiz using YOUR notes.  This is only for the intro pps. ix-xxii More Beowulf (Watched part 2 or "Beowulf Background"- see above)
Friday - sorry I made a mistake and counselors pull you on the 23rd, next Friday.  So we continued on in the poem. We progressed as far as the taunt by Unferth, the formal Boast, and Beowulf's defeat of Grendel up through page 57. I reminded students that we will be writing a literary analysis soon, and it would be smart to keep track of details related to elements I point out or discuss.  This paper will be a harder one to write since we have no real prior knowledge of Anglo Saxon literature.  Try to keep notes as to where some potentially interesting topics are in the poem.
Helen Wynkoop,
Sep 12, 2016, 10:19 AM