September 19-23

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Mon- We reviewed the battle with Grendel.  I reiterated Christian layer so that you could more easily perceive it.  We will be writing a literary device paper soon, so you want to have notes as to where to access certain information for citing your paper later.  We got through "Sigemund's Tale" on page 61 today.  See attached sheet.
Tues- handout- get this if absent. I will be specifically reviewing Anglo Saxon poetic form. In class, we will search for specific ones for Beowulf, for Grendel, and for the king.  Save in notes. There will an assignment due related to A/S poetry. Poetry assignments are due on September 27 :>) Yes, you CAN do this!
Weds- Students brainstorm for 10 mins about their poems due next week. Next work in pairs to see how well you understand Sigemond's "digression.  We will review on Thurs.  We went to the media center to check out books.  See my requirements:Below
Thurs- Review before quiz. Quiz on pps 47-71. Continue on to finish Beowulf's conflict with Grendel's mother. Finish on Monday as necessary.  
Fri- Come to class and record your independent read on my class list.  This Friday, you really DO go down to Counselors after attendance.  We will have a full independent reading day next week, too, probably on Weds or Friday.

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