November 30-December 4

posted Nov 24, 2015, 11:10 AM by Helen Wynkoop   [ updated Dec 2, 2015, 5:53 AM ]
Monday- review of Chapters 8-9 AOM; last chance for some points to stash for the next quiz.
Tues and Weds are work days for the December 3 due date (Thurs) for your full draft with IN-TEXT CITATIONS AND WORKS CITED due at the same time.  Come to class with it copied, or you will get a tardy for having to get it printed before we begin.
Thursday- We will start the Peer Evaluation (25 points if all is in order and with you in class today); it usually takes all hour to accomplish, but if you finish, start reviewing another paper. Read to finish An Ordinary Man.

Friday-Review of chapter 8 and 9. (NOTE- this is a change-Reading quiz is not until Weds. December 2nd at the beginning of class.). Video for Hotel Rwanda as it fits in our schedule with research deadlines.  You should have finished AOM  by Tues, Dec. 8 as per reading schedule.

NOTE: Although the research paper is not due until the 17th, if you are leaving before the break, or if you just want to get the paper to me early, please feel free.  It does not mean that I will grade it early, but it does mean that you won't have to think of it any more.  PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR PAPER IS SUBMITTED TO TURNITIN.COM BEFORE YOU LEAVE ON BREAK!!! no exceptions for any reason.